Counterfeit Automotive Parts

Illicit Vehicle Parts

Trafficking in illicit goods, is a generic term used by INTERPOL to describe all types of illicit trade. It includes such practices as counterfeiting (trademark infringements), piracy (copyright infringements), smuggling of legitimate products and tax evasion. Selling fake or counterfeit products as the real thing is one aspect of this crime; so is selling genuine goods on the black market to avoid paying taxes. By avoiding regulatory controls the criminals behind these activities typically peddle often dangerous goods with a complete disregard for the health and safety of consumers. The phenomenon has grown to an unprecedented level, posing tremendous risks to society and the global economy.

All levels of society are impacted by trafficking in illicit goods. For example, counterfeiting harms businesses which produce and sell legitimate products, governments lose tax revenue from products manufactured or sold on the black market, and consumers are at risk from substandard products.

Automotive illicit goods are a great risk to safety and modern society.



Investigation of Illicit Automotive Parts

Digitpol is an International leader in the fight against the manufacturing, sale and distribution of Counterfeit Automotive Parts & Software. We investigate Diagnostic Tools, Repair Manuals & Software, Illegal tools used to manlipulate immobilisers, Counterfeit Airbags, Modules & Steering wheels, Brake parts and ABS sensors


Analysis of recovered counterfeit products, Software, eDiscovery, Tracing and Reporting

Investigation and analysis of counterfeit ECU, Radios, Dashboard, Airbag modules, LED modules, Xenon units