On August 18, the police in Gouda caught two members of a suspected catalyst gang red-handed. These gangs look for places where they can get away quickly. Like Gouda-North, close to highways A12 and A20. A catalytic converter generates a lot of money and is easily removed. The second-generation Toyota Prius is a favorite, as is a Lexus hybrid, police say.

Valuable precious metals

"You can easily get hold of a catalytic converter. You jack up the car, you get to work with a grinder and then you take it with you. It's a few minutes' work. It's easy, if you know where the part is and you have the right material,” says Herman Dooijewaard, Quality Marks advisor, of the Center for Crime Prevention and Security (the CCV) in the AD .

"The catalytic converters of the Toyota Auris contain more precious metals than other manufacturers. The Toyota has a kind of anti-theft plates or brackets. These are physical measures that make the theft of the catalytic converter more difficult"

"People who have a car with security according to alarm class 3, they also have inclination detection," says Dooijewaard. If someone jacks up the car, there are sensors that detect this movement, which triggers an alarm.

Dooijewaard: "In addition, it is important that people keep their certificate of the CCV Vehicle Security quality mark . A certificate is valid for 36 months after issue. After that, the security system must be inspected every twelve months. This is important to ensure that the insurer does pays out in the event of theft.”

Dooijewaard also advises parking in a busy, well-lit place: "Thieves are less likely to make their move under a lamppost."


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What measures can a car owner take to reduce catalytic converter theft?

Source: The CCV

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