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Search for European companies, directors, credit history and download official up to date company reports, company checks, annual accounts, company profiles from Companies House official databases. Our service allows searching by company name or company number for Registered Companies.

We will find all data that is required to check out an European company. We have validated 1000s of mergers and we also prevented fraud and business risk.

What We Do

Director Search
Search for a Director of a Company. Search by person name (or part of it) or ID, returning a list of legal or physical persons declared at the Business Register. Using our Company Director Search option you can easily verify whether an individual is, or has been, a Director of a Company.

Company Search
We can search by company name (or part of it) or company ID, it returns a list of companies meeting search criteria. Search by company name amongst multiple countries at the same time is also possible.

Company Appointments
Company Appointments is a list of Company's Directors Administrators. Information about shareholders is not available.

Company Profile
Company Profile is the company report with basic information about status, company type, address, paid-up capital, activity description.

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