Audi Connect Data SIM

Audi Connect Data SIM – Unlimited Data 1 Year – €144.00 Per Year (1 Year)

European Unlimited Data 1 Year SIM at the price of 144.00 per year or you can pay it monthly. This data SIM is provided by KPN and works in all of Europe. It is a solid solution for M2M automotive devices such as vehicle IOT, Infotainment systems and maps, this SIM will not cover streaming or WiFi hotspots, for that you need a higher data setting. Digitpol has tested these SIM cards extensively in automotive and IOT devices, we therefore assure the connectivity is always online. The SIM is configured to switch networks then the signal is low ensuring the best connectivity at all times.

You can order this Data SIM for 1 year or pay it per month. If you wish to pay per month contact us in advanced.

As a customer you get access to our portal. There you can easily manage your M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. You can use the portal to:

  • Order SIM cards
  • Change bundles
  • View invoices
  • View specifications of your M2M and IoT solutions

Via the portal we can also give you access to the Connectivity Management Platform of Cisco Jasper, so that you have all your management tools in one place. Through the Cisco Jasper Platform you can:

  • Set rules for SIM card use
  • Set notifications for bundle usage
  • Set GEO rules

Audi Connect Data SIM Per Month  - 12 Euro

To order the card on a monthly subscription the cost is 12 euro, if your a business we will not charge the VAT, once we receive the below form we will contact you to confirm the postal address and then we will send the sim cards.

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