Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Detection & Prevention  

Approved Devices

We can install our solution to prevent un-approved connected-devices such as Mobile Phones, Wifi, Bluetooth been operated within your meeting surroundings. 


IMSI & Nearby Devices

Our solution can protect your business by analysing nearby devices such as Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, WiFi, Surveillance equippment, Rouge GSM stations and more.


Site Analysis

Our state of art equippment can trace any device nearby the effected location. We can sweep from 5mhz to 9ghz incuding sweeps for devices in sleep mode or non-transmitting devices.

TCSM – Bug Sweeping

Do you have suspicions that you or your boardroom maybe bugged? Do you have suspicions that someone has placed a surveillance team to monitor your teams movements?

In today’s business society bugging is not uncommon, there are lots of reasons why an individual or business competitor would bug you. Electronic surveillance can be extremely damaging to you or your business and therefore these threats must be taken seriously.

Our Digital TCSM team can conduct sweeping from 5mhx to 9ghz using the latest technology.

GSM | Bluetooth | WiFi | NEC | 5G Newtork | ITS  

Do you have any devices on your network relaying data or listening?