Purchased Goods Never Arrived

If you have purchased items online via a webshop and they have not been delivered it can be fraud, If you bought something from a business to be delivered, it’s the seller’s sole responsibility to make sure the item is delivered to you. If the seller, in digital cases, the website owner used a courier, they should follow it up with the courier to find out what’s happened to your order, it’s not your responsibility. If the seller claims the goods were seized or held by customs, this is fully verifiable and the seller will have received notice of that.

Undelivered goods is a common fraud, fraudulent websites selling all forms of products from mobile phones to pet products have scammed thousands and therefore if your a victims of undelivered goods you need to report it to the Police. Digitpol can assist if large amounts of products have been ordered and undelivered, we can trace the owners of the website and start an investigation when sufficient evidence is presented to us.  Undelivered goods fraud investigation is the collection and forensic investigation of evidence into fraud, modern fraud is digital and the evidence is a website, fake invoice, fake tracking codes, scams, above all, fake websites selling goods which never arrive are number 1 on the global list of online fraud.

Digitpol's Fraud Investigation unit cover all aspects of fraud investigation from cyber to digital fraud, our certified fraud and forensic examiners and can deploy to assist with all cases related to digital fraud. Digitpol can deploy forensic examiners to investigate fraud and determine how it took place and report the findings to the Police, in some cases we can trace the fraudsters and the funds.

Are you effected by a Fraud? 

If you become a victim of fraud, you need to respond quickly. Fraud can lead to major disruption and financial disasters.

Contact Digitpol's hotlines or respond to us online. CONTACT

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What Happens When You Report a Case To Digitpol?

If you report a case to Digitpol we will examine the data that you have provided, if evidence exists and we are in position to assist you, we will start an investigation, the first step is the detail all the evidence into a report so that the fraud is clear.

The second step is a report to the Police, you can do this yourself and use our report or we can submit the report on your behalf, to do this we require a power of attorney, once the Police starts an investigation the entire matter is in the jurisdiction of the Police, during this period and in agreement, we may provide additional information or new evidence to the Police.

In the event you have transferred funds to a bank account, we will issue a notice of the fraud to the banks fraud department to hold the account until the Police takes contact.

What are Digitpol's costs to investigate my case? 

Digitpol is a private agency therefore we charge for the time to conduct research. The costs is based on our hourly rate of 150EUR / 170USD per hour or an agreed set fee for the case. The first stage of the investigation is an interview, this is a fee of 22USD / 20EUR

How can I avoid the costs?

If you report the case to the Police there is no costs.

To report the case to Digitpol, is there a cost and what will it cover? 

If you report a case to Digitpol using the form below, the cost is 22USD, this covers the time for our agents to read the file, look into the evidence you supplied, in some cases we may ask you for more evidence such as screenshots of the communications with the fraudsters or further evidence related to your case.

In the majority of cases the evidence contains a website or a company, we will start to check the website's meta data and the companies presence and its directors. If you have transferred funds to a bank and you have presented sufficient evidence of fraud, we will issue a notice to the bank.  This fee covers the first stage of an investigation known as an "intake" or "interview", during this we may prepare to present the case to the Police.