Stolen Vehicle Investigation – We Investigate, Trace & Recover Stolen Vehicles

Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit operate globally with offices in The Netherlands, Hong Kong, West Balkans and CIS. Our experts have decades of experience with investigation of vehicle crime, stolen vehicle tracing and repatriation of stolen vehicles. When Digitpol is engaged to recover a Stolen Vehicle, we operate on an hourly rate. We don’t charge any additional fees, only the time involved.

We operate with fairness and transparency. We are leaders in vehicle repatriation also known as vehicle recovery.

For all tracing and repatriation require the following documents.

  1. We need to see the required documents such as POA, Police theft report and vehicle papers, we need to be fully assured the claim is authentic.
  2. Once we analyse the case and claim we then deploy our specalised teams.
  3. When we locate your vehicle, we conduct a forensic analysis on the vehicle on-site.
  4. We ensure the original identity is correct by forensic methods.
  5. With the right documents the vehicle can be returned to its lawful owner from any foreign state, we handle the legal process and transport.
  6. All procedures are arranged via a Law Enforcement Agency or Attorney and supported by the insurance or the financial agency involved.


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