We Investigate Illicit Goods 

We Trace Sellers and Production of Fake Goods

We investigate Intellectual Property crimes, often referred to as “Fake Parts or Fake Goods” from start to finish by tracing illegal manufactures to litigation with removal of on-line shops selling counterfeit parts, software and take-down of websites and stores hosting illicit and copyright content. At Digitpol’s IP Crime team we conduct investigations in cooperation with Law Enforcement agencies followed up by covert purchasing of counterfeit goods. We conduct forensic analysis of seized illegal goods providing detailed evidence and comprehensive analysis, in which has led to criminal convictions in several countries.

Digitpol, over a decade has become an known International leader in the fight against the manufacturing, sale and distribution of Counterfiet Automotive Parts & Software such as Diagnostic Tools, Repair Manuals & Software, Illegal tools used to manlipulate immoblizers, Counterfeit Airbags Modules, Steering wheels, Brake parts and ABS sensors.

Digitpol has analysed thousands of counterfeit safety components and our Intellectual Property experts work with all major manufactures. We operate in cooperation with Police and International Intellectual Property and paten specialists. Illicit goods are a great risk to safety and modern society.