We Investigate – Fake Accidents | Staged Collisions | Fraudulent Claims | Mileage Fraud

Fraudulent insurance claims are a growing and significant problem globally. Our vehicle expert teams can assist establish the facts of a claim, verify the vehicle has been involved in the claim and that the damage is related to the claim.

These fraudulent claims affect everyone as the costs of insurance rise, so our aim is to try and help with this ever growing problem. We are able to offer discreet covert surveillance to establish the facts and build a case for our client.

How Can We Help?

We work directly for Insurance, Legal or Police agencies we can be engaged to provide support with the following areas:

  • Examine the vehicle for digital traces of an accident
  • Discover by digital traces where the accident took place (2016 +)
  • Examine the key to determine the idenitity by digital data
  • Examine the instrument cluster to recover Mileage fraud and recover the orginal mileage
  • Mechanical examination of a motor vehicle