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Secure Key Safe | Puck Keysafe

The Puck Key Safe is the first key safe with SKG certification. This safe key safe is also very user-friendly. This makes it suitable for everyone! Use: enter the correct code by turning the number wheels. Then turn the lid counterclockwise and hold it. Pull the lid towards you and the Puck Key Safe is open! PUCK SKG ** certified key safe for home care, but also private and commercial use. The key safe endures a powerful attack and automatically locks when the key safe is closed. Then the mechanism blocks, so burglars cannot enter. This is smart for burglars.

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All features of the Puck Keysafe at a glance:
Police Hallmark Safe Living pkvw
Protected against manipulation and breaking loose
4-digit and freely adjustable user code (10,000 different combinations)
User code is automatically rotated after opening (in this way the set code cannot be read)
Special cover so that the user code cannot be 'read' so-called 'privacy shield'
Armored steel cap to prevent burglary and theft
Easy to install using wall plate and supplied screws
External dimensions: diameter 121x depth 55mm
Internal dimensions: diameter 90x depth 20mm Weight: 1.5 kg
Colour black
Anchoring via 3x rear wall (3x wedge bolt in delivery)



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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 121 × 22 × 20 cm


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