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Is your website, wordpress, webshop hacked? Digitpol’s cyber security experts will resolve any website, database, wordpress or hacking issues. 

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Is Your Website, WordPress, Blog or Web-Shop Hacked?

Hacked WordPress Fix, is your WordPress website, webshop or blog hacked? Be rest assured, Digitpol's cyber security experts have years of expertise in programming, cyber security, hacking incidents and we know how to solve this for you. Digitpol's cyber security team will fix any hacked website, hacked wordpress or webshop. we will repair, remove malicious code, malware and return the site clean of any malicious code. We will also fully secure the site.

Digitpol's Cyber and Fraud Team are certified examiners and can assist to all cases related to wordpress and woocommerce attacks, hacked websites, hacked hosting or email accounts. Digitpol can deploy forensic examiners to investigate the hack, determine how it took place and report the findings, Digitpol ensures that hackers are not active in your network and ensure your user accounts policies and rules are configured correctly to prevent further attacks. Digitpol's wordpress security services includes full security assessment and removal of any malware or rogue activity.

Are you effected by a WordPress Website Hack, Woocommerce or Email Server Attack? 

If an email hacking incident happens to you, you need to respond quickly. Cyber attacks and email fraud can lead to major disruption and financial disasters.

Determine the problem

After you order the service, we start to work, we examine your WordPress website. We first identify the problem and how the hack happened. We identify the extent of the hack and what is at risk, also how the hacker gained access.

Make a backup

As a standard we create back-ups on the way, we create a backup before we start the examination and when the hack is isolated to avoid any data loss. Once all is in order we create a final backup. On request we can install our plugin to create backups daily to avoid future issues.

Clean Up

After the examination and solving the hack, we check in detail code running in your WordPress theme and plugins that you use. We clean up the code behind your website. We remove viruses, malware, junk and clear the cache. We ensure the site will run fast and free of malicious code.

Perform Final Virus Scan

After the examination, fix and clean up, to be sure that there are really no malicious files or URLs anymore, we perform another final virus scan both internally and externally. We scan all the content, photos, plugins and links. Once all is ok we give the final cert of completion.



Cyber Security, Intelligence & Digital Forensics Digitpol is a licensed and accredited criminal investigation agency specialising in operational support and investigative services to fight against transnational crimes. Digitpol is one of the world's leading providers of Intelligence, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cybersecurity and Investigation services. Digitpol cooperates closely with Law Enforcement agencies and Homeland Security. Digitpol is headquartered in The Netherlands. Digitpol is licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice as a criminal investigation agency with the permit number of POB1557. Digitpol is recognized as specializing in the sector of criminal investigation, digital forensics, and cyber related matters. Digitpol is also registered with the Data Protection Authority. At Digitpol, we know that security is an ongoing process that should cover cyber and digital crime investigation, physical tracing, intelligence and digital forensic investigation. When Digitpol is engaged, we monitor the most serious threats and rogue actors, we collect threat intelligence 24/7. We are proactive at all levels. We provide operational services such as Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, eDiscovery, Internet Monitoring, Telecoms, Interception, Penetration Testing, Anti-Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Asset Tracing and Recovery. ICT and Cyber Security, Digitpol is an award-winning provider of cyber security solutions, integration and support to cyber security, Digitpol provides cyber security for all devices, desktops, laptops, workstations, networks, and cloud environments. Digitpol is a multinational global cyber security company serving customers across roughly 140 countries via our partners and our global networks. Digitpol’s offices are equipped with state of the art forensic technology and workshops for research. Our partners have offices in major cities across the world, enabling us to offer our services globally.

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Hacked Wordpress Fix

Hacked Wordpress Fix


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