The CUBE team and Interpol have cooperated since 2009, in June 2017 the project reached another milestone and is set for another 5 years of development.

The Success

LYON, France – INTERPOL and Launch Tech HQ have signed an agreement to further enhance and extend their cooperation in combating vehicle crime.

Combining INTERPOL’s reach throughout the global law enforcement community with Launch Tech HQ’s diagnostic, specialised tools and training facilities will provide opportunities to better identify the individuals and networks involved in vehicle crime.

Launch Tech HQ will also support INTERPOL’s Project INVEX, an initiative involving car manufacturers to find new ways of detecting stolen motor vehicles and increase the quality of data in the Stolen Motor Vehicles database. Mr Coyne is the founder and inventor of the CUBE and has led the project since its existence and the cooperation agreement. Mr Coyne and the Chairman of Launch Tech attending the meeting in Lyon.

The CUBE Project


A forensic tool developed for Law Enforcement to recover data from vehicles.
  • CAN BUS Data
  • Forensic image of Freeze Frames
  • Driving History
  • Crash Data
  • VIN Data
  • Identities
  • Vehicle Status


The CUBE is to be re-developed with secured cloud based search functionality suited for Law Enforcement.
  • Transfer and search VIN in ASF
  • Search discovered KM with authorities
  • Abilities to cross-reference data with import / export authorities

Dealing with Digitpol on a day-to-day basis has proved to be very easy. We make a telephone call, look at the options available, and then let them get on with the job while we concentrate on our business.

Frost & Lambert ( Dealing with Digitpol on a day-to-day basis )