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Mr Coyne

Mr. Martin Coyne has 10 years practical experience in Digital Forensics within the Law Enforcement sector. Mr. Coyne is a certified Computer Forensic Investigator. Mr. Coyne’s career has focused on the development of digital forensic technology and the conducting of forensic examinations. Since 2013 Mr. Coyne has spent most of his career working on international criminal investigations and has been appointed in many such cases.

He was engaged by the Irish Police Force until 2008. From 2008 until 2013 he was engaged by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, specifically the NFI as a specialist and digital forensic consultant. He was employed by the Netherlands Police Force from 2009 until November 2013 and was attached to a forensic department.

Mr Coyne is at the leading edge of data recovery from automotive modules and telematics where he envisioned, designed and brought to market technology that has been adopted as “the standard for law enforcement” in stolen vehicle identification and forensic crash investigation. He founded Digitpol LTD in November 2013, a digital forensics business head quartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Europe. Mr Coyne was appointed to the European Cybercrime Training & Education Group. (ECTEG), in 2009 for a 4 year period. ECTEG is a working group hosted by Europol in The Hague. He has represented the Netherlands as a digital forensic specialist. Mr Coyne invented several technologies one of which is named The CUBE Project.

Mr Coyne is licensed by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice as an Investigator.

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