Industrial Espionage

We Invetigate and Analyse risks of Industrial espionage 


Is your business at risk?

Industrial Espionage is the covert and sometimes illegal practice of investigating competitors, usually to gain a business advantage.


We Investigate and Analyse the Risks

Is your IT network secure ? We conduct controlled tests to prevent and reduce the risks that may expose your business. 

Detection of Interference

Our sensor based network can be installed and can detect interference on the fly.

Industrial espionage is on the increase and digital technology, the internet and social media has made it easy.

Industrial espionage can be performed by employees, management, partners or paid cyber hackers.

Competitors or foreign firms may be interested in gathering information on Intellectual Property, industrial manufacturing capacity, plans or techniques or formulas, marketing and distribution plans. It may take place via methods such as theft, bribery or blackmail or covert surveillance. Access to computers and the internet have made this much easier. The use of trojan horses, malware, key loggers and spyware is common. Computer forensic investigators have the unique ability to uncover these activities whilst maintaining the evidence. This can be done covertly and on live networks or computers. We can access these computers or networks remotely.

Our network probe is placed amongst your IT system and is trained to detect behaviour and other patterns. Our sensor network works on signals and data, also trained to detect new devices and possible transfering of files. 

Investigate Theft of IP

Trade Secrets, products, clients or company plans.

Investigate and Detect attempts by staff to destroy data ( a digital alert) 

A live monitoring of devices and what devices are known, approved and new devices 

Device pattern and activity times  (under investigation time)

Wifi analysis and DNS protection, alerts on changes