Mobile Forensic Lab


Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit  Identify | Recovery | Seizure

GPS Forensics

Forensic analysis of Automotive OEM GPS systems

Identification Analysis

Forensic analysis of all types of ECU | Cluster | Key | SRS | ACM & Gateway

Mobile Team

Incident Responce | Mobile Forensic Laboratory

Mobile Forensic Lab 

Our rapid incident response service is deployable for all types of onsite automotive and digital forensic investigation. Our mobile units are equipped with the latest forensic technology 


Our team supports automotive investigation and digital forensic analyses on a range of digital devices, recovering and interpreting data to produce evidence reports that exceed market standards, all of which can be carried out from our mobile forensic lab. The Mobile lab is equipped with a vehicle forensic technology to read keys, ECU, Control units along with a CUBE,  FRED, Cellebrite, FTK and forensic servers for aquisition.