Forensic Crash Investigation

Crash Data Recovery

Engine | Airbag | ECU | Transmission

Freeze Frame

DTC | Historic Errors | LED status | Speed |Time


Forensic Examination of Vehicle Crush Analysis | 3D Scan | Scene Analysis


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Digital Crash Investigation

We specialise in recovery of Freeze Frame & Collision Data from vehicles under examination. We utilise the industry best standards and forensic tools for recovering data from a wide range of vehicle brands and stand alone ECU’s. 

List of Errors before the collision and the KM stamp at the error. 

KM at the point of impact 

Number of keys coded at point of impact

ABS wheel speed status at point of impact

State of driver’s and/or passenger’s seat belt switch

State of warning lamp

State of passenger’s front air bag suppression switch circuit

Time from vehicle impact to air bag deployment

Ignition cycles

Time between non-deploy and deploy event 

Steering position

Can Bus data frames