Cyber Warfare

Cyber warfare involves the actions by a nation state or international organisation to attack and attempt to damage another nation's computers or information networks through, for example, computer viruses or denial-of-service attacks.

Cyber warfare is the use of technology to attack a nation, causing comparable harm to actual warfare. ‘Cyber warfare’ does not imply scale, protraction or violence which are typically associated with the term ‘war’. Digitpol's Cyber Intelligence Team monitors the most serious threats and rogue actors involved with Cyberwarfar and by collect Cyber Threat Intelligence 24/7 on cyberwarfar actors we can prevent large scale attacks on nations and large organisations.

Cyber Warfare Intelligence can be defined as the tracking, analyzing, and countering of digital and cyber security threats. This type of cyber warfare intelligence is a mixture if physical espionage and defense with modern information technology. Digitpol's Cyber Intelligence Team monitors the most serious threats and rogue actors, we collect Cyber Threat Intelligence 24/7 on Warfare Actors

Digitpol provides the ultimate in Cyber Intelligence for external and internal networks, we provide total protection for end points and 24/7 managed cyber security solutions with rapid incident response teams. We adopt the early detection and swift investigation approach which are critical to fending off attackers and responding to threats in real time by automated systems and hands on at managed services.

Digitpol's Cyber Security Team is combined with cyber security custom software and hardware solutions and Forensics and Investigation expertise, the combination gives our clients wide IT infrastructure visibility in realtime, advanced codified and forensic expertise and realtime rich intelligence and a response team 24/7.

Digitpol is a world wide Investigation agency with insights gained from front-line cyber crime and policing experience responding to the world’s most impactful threats. With Digitpol at hand we ensure that  have everything you need to rapidly detect, triage, investigate, and minimize the impact of attacks.