Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence can be defined as the tracking, analyzing, and countering of digital and cyber security threats. This type of cyber intelligence is a mixture if physical espionage and defense with modern information technology. Digitpol's Cyber Intelligence Team monitors the most serious threats and rogue actors, we collect Cyber Threat Intelligence 24/7.

Digitpol provides the ultimate in Cyber Intelligence for external and internal networks, we provide total protection for end points and 24/7 managed cyber security solutions with rapid incident response teams. We adopt the early detection and swift investigation approach which are critical to fending off attackers and responding to threats in real time by automated systems and hands on at managed services.

Digitpol's Cyber Security Team is combined with cyber security custom software and hardware solutions and Forensics and Investigation expertise, the combination gives our clients wide IT infrastructure visibility in realtime, advanced codified and forensic expertise and realtime rich intelligence and a response team 24/7.

Digitpol is a world wide Investigation agency with insights gained from front-line cyber crime and policing experience responding to the world’s most impactful threats. With Digitpol at hand we ensure that  have everything you need to rapidly detect, triage, investigate, and minimize the impact of attacks.


  • Google Adds $1.5 Million Top Reward to Android Bug Bounty Program
    Google is expanding the Android bug bounty program with new data exfiltration and lockscreen bypass categories as well as a $1 million reward for critical vulnerabilities targeting the Titan M chip. Over the past 12 months, Google has paid out over $1.
  • Roboto, a new P2P botnet targets Linux Webmin servers
    Sorin Mustaca's IT Security news and articles about information security, vulnerabilities, exploits, patches, releases, software, features, hacks, laws, spam, viruses, malware, breaches. Security experts discovered a new peer-to-peer (P2P) botnet dubbed Roboto that is targeting Linux servers running unpatched Webmin installs.
  • WhatsApp Hit by Critical Security Vulnerability Triggered by Specially-Crafted MP4 File
    WhatsApp has been hit by a security flaw, but, it only affects older versions of the app for Android and iPhone. The latest WhatsApp security vulnerability gives hackers a cyber-attack vector. If someone has sent you an MP4 file on WhatsApp, you should guard against downloading it as hackers may use....
  • IBM aims at hybrid cloud, enterprise security
    IBM is taking aim at the challenging concept of securely locking-down company applications and data spread across multiple private and public clouds and on-premises locations. IBM is addressing this challenge with its Cloud Pak for Security, which features open-source technology for hunting threats,....
  • Ransomware Analysis: 'Shade' Surges; Other Trends Emerge
    Desktop of a Windows host infected with Shade ransomware (Source: Palo Alto Networks) Attacks tied to Shade ransomware continue to surge as part of an overall resurgence in ransomware, security researchers warn. See Also: Live Webinar | Embracing Digital Risk Protection: Take Your Threat....
  • Google confirms camera flaw on Android phones could be used to spy on users
    The details were published by CheckMarx after they had informed both Google and Samsung about the vulnerability. Both vendors approved publication of detail, which is standard protocol when highlighting a serious security flaw. Google was informed about the vulnerability in early July 2019.
  • Louisiana Servers Down After Another Ransomware Blitz
    19 Nov 2019 News Louisiana Servers Down After Another Ransomware Blitz. A major ransomware attack on Louisiana state IT infrastructure yesterday forced multiple services offline, including government websites, email and internal applications. The incident was revealed by Louisiana governor John Bel....