Cyber Bullying & Stalking

Cyber-bullying or stalking occurs when someone engages in offensive, menacing or harassing behaviour through the use of technology. It can happen to people at any age, anytime, and often anonymously.

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Online Cyber Bullying

Tracking & Stalking

Social Media Stalking

Examples of cyber-bullying include:

  • Posting hurtful messages, images or videos online
  • Repeatedly sending unwanted messages online
  • Sending abusive texts and emails
  • Excluding or intimidating others online
  • Creating fake social networking profiles or websites that are hurtful
  • Nasty online gossip and chat
  • Any other form of digital communication which is discriminatory, intimidating, intended to cause hurt or make someone fear for their safety.

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Just like bullying in the offline world, not all online bullying is criminal. There are global laws which apply to serious online harassment and online bullying behaviour. Under the many International Criminal Code’s it is an offence to use the internet, social media or a telephone to menace, harass or cause offence.

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