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Car Recovery Europe, Car Recovery in Netherlands, Transport to all of Europe. Secured Car Recovery, Towing, Storage & Repatriation of Vehicles. Digitpol's SMV unit are highly specialized in transporting vehicles across Europe. If you need transport of a car or storage from any part of Europe contact us. For Stolen vehicles, Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery.

If your car needs to be recovered, we will handle it. We take care of car recovery of all forms, from Sale of vehicle, broken or problematic vehicles, embezzled, stolen, leased or fraudulent thefts, Digitpol operate globally with offices in The Netherlands, Budapest, Kosovo, London, West Balkans, UAE and CIS regions. Our experts have decades of experience with investigation of vehicle crime, stolen car tracking, tracing cars and repatriation of stolen vehicles / cars.

What To Do If Your Car Needs To Be Transported From One EU Country To Another?

This is a simple mission for us, contact us for a quote, when all is ok we will collect the car and bring it directly.

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DIGITPOL - Stolen Vehicle Investigation
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Our Solutions


International Tracing, Location and Repatriation of Stolen Vehicles

Digitpol's has developed a custom ANPR solution for vehicle crime prevention and recovery.


On-site examinations, inspect parts, vehicles and trace the original identity

Legal Process

The repatriation of vehicles from another country often involves a complex legal process. Digitpol handles all the legal matters.


We specialise in covered car transport, enclosed car transport and international car transport.


When the location of your stolen vehicle is known by a tracker or intelligence, Digitpol's response teams deploy to the location to conduct a search.