Anti Virus

Digitpol's AntiVirus solution is developed by our cyber crime and computer forensics experts, our AntiVirus solution is aimed to provide business with 100% cure to Business related fraud, the antivirus solution was developed to detect any form of complex commercial espionage, BEC fraud, spying, interference and protect against ransomware targeting business.  Digitpol AntiVirus solution is focused on detection of the most complex spying scenarios and is the only cure to BEC fraud.

Digitpol is an award-winning provider of cybersecurity solutions, integration and real-time support to cybersecurity products, Digitpol provides cybersecurity for all devices, desktops, laptops, workstations, networks, and cloud environments. Digitpol is a multinational global cybersecurity company serving customers across roughly 140 countries.

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Our Solutions

Digitpol’s computer forensics experts investigate, analyse and recover forensic data from computers, portable devices and hard disk drives.

We specialize in recovery of data from mobile phones and portable devices. We recover SMS, Calls, Emails, Media, VoIP data, GPS, Internet History, Whatsapp, Viber, Signal, Telegram, Deleted Data, Cloud Sources and all Cell ID Data.

Cloud data sources represent a virtual goldmine of potential evidence for forensic investigators. Together with mobile device data, they often capture the details and critical connections investigators need to solve crimes. Digitpol can access cloud sources and recover data contained in cloud services.