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An International investigation agency providing global support to fight against transnational crimes and tackling todays cyber and digital enabled crimes, we provide tools and resources to work with Private and Law Enforcement agencies on a cooperative level. 

Founded and headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in The Netherlands and East Europe. Digitpol specializes in operational support and investigative services such as Cybercrime Investigation, Telecommunications fraud and investigating Automotive crimes and devices. Our team has extended skills in Data Recovery such as Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, eDiscovery, Cybersecurity and technology research for OEMs and government agencies as well as private and public clients internationally.

Since our creation in 2013, Digitpol has followed the pulse of modern automotive crime, IOT technology, cyber trends, and social media. We monitor the evolutions of these aspects to inform our in-house approaches, offering our clients exceptional advice that will last for years to come.

We bring extensive experience and superior professionalism to every case, customizing our support for your individual needs – whether the issue is a small problem or a major incident. Our consultants and partners have been practicing for over a decade, and many have experience dating back to the vehicle crime and Internet boom of the late 90s.


Digitpol is committed to building and budgeting security in all our engagement – whether it involve research, data handling, or digital forensics. Our team and consultants work tirelessly to ensure that your requirements are processed in the most secure and confidential manner possible. Digitpol considers your security part of our job.

Digitpol offices are equipped with state of the art forensic tecnology and workshops for research. Our partners have offices in major cities enabling us to offer our services globally.

An International leader in the fight against transnational CyberCrime, Automotive, Telecommunications Fraud, Digital Fraud and expertise in fighting the illicit trafficking of vehicles, we investigate, apply forensic methods, trace and recover the facts. 

We are committed to working with Law Enforcement and key industry partners to combat International  crime.


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